About us

somoynews24.net is one of the 24 hour online news based news magazines in Bangladesh and England.This news magazine is published from England. somoynews24.net continues its activities to present authentic and politically neutral news to cornered audiences in Bangladesh and other parts of the world.This is our Bangladesh acquired in exchange for a sea of ​​blood.


The common people of Bengal jumped into the war of liberation with the aim of building a happy, prosperous, non-discriminatory, non-communal country. 3 million lives, in return for many sacrifices, we got the red-green flag. The red sun of freedom has risen on the horizon of the country. However, the struggle to build the country is still going on. To build the country of our desired dream, we need a free flow of thoughts, information, opinions and discussions of the society. What is needed is ethical, accountable and the highest quality professional journalism. somoynews24.net is committed to be the driver of that struggle in the country.

Containing the spirit and values ​​of the war of liberation, somoynews24.net is presenting objective news and quality programs to millions of viewers in the country and abroad with a group of young people. We promote news and events with the predominance of ideals, principles and maximum professionalism. Neutral and objective news is one of the features of somoynews24.net. We also believe in impartial news.somoynews24.net has quickly become one of the leading media in the country due to the immense interest and trust of the people. somoynews24.net is broadcast all over the world including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Europe, Middle East. We are committed to meeting the expectations of visitors from all over the world.
Online news is reaching the reader on computer, laptop, or smartphone. somoynews24.net’s latest news will also be available through various social media including Facebook, Twitter, G-Plus. somoynews24.net online website has been created using the latest technology in the world. The combination of news, pictures and audio-video, i.e. multimedia, is unique in one word. In addition, all the programs that have been in the archives of somoynews24.net for 12 years will be available online in phases. We have been working tirelessly to bring to the fore everything that gives joy, excites, hurts or surprises, raises questions, comforts.