Drone strike in Saudi Arabia damages plane, injures 8


Desk report:  At least eight people have been injured in a drone strike at Saudi Arabia’s Abha airport. The Saudi coalition said in a statement that the attack took place on Tuesday. News from NDTV. The coalition said in a statement that another drone had later struck at Abha International Airport. However, it has been demolished. The coalition’s statement was broadcast on Saudi state television Al-Ikhbaria. There, it was said, according to preliminary information, eight people were injured and one civilian plane was damaged.The Saudi coalition says the airstrikes at the airport are “war crimes.” Earlier in the day, they said another drone had been shot down. Al-Ikhbaria reported that after the coalition shot down the first drone, part of the spiral fell on the runway of the airport. The flight was temporarily suspended to ensure the safety of civilians at the airport as well as the arrival and departure of aircraft, the statement said.The Houthi rebels have not yet commented on the attack. After the Houthis seized the Yemeni capital Sanaa in 2015, Saudi Arabia launched an attack in support of the country’s internationally recognized government. The Houthis then began to counter-attack Saudi Arabia at regular intervals. They have stepped up attacks with drones and missiles this month.